Arctic Strings

Unique Sustained String Library


Arctic Strings is a cinematic string library designed from the ground up for easy to use ambient sustained strings. It features flexible scripted legato and portamento/glissando. The interface is built around the northern lights, as you play the strings, the aurora swells and flows to the sound. The library is quite unlike anything else, it offers an unique inspiration experience and is perfect for atmospheric and ambient strings.

This product requires the paid version of Kontakt.


Key Features
  • Scripted Legato, Portamento/ Glissando.
  • Basses, Cellos, Violas and Violins all in 1 patch.
  • Dynamics slider (default CC1).
  • 8 Presets.
  • 13 Effects including delay, sequencer, chorus, reverb.
  • Automatic harmonise controls – lock to thirds, octaves, chords and more.
  • Attack and release controls.
  • Convolution reverb with ambient effect impulses.
  • Beautiful and unique GUI.
  • Change legato and glissando speed.
  • Comprehensive manual.
  • Advanced modulation matrix allows for setting keyswitches, velocity/CC modulation and much more.

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Product Details

Like many FrozenPlain libraries, Arctic Strings features a strong link between visuals and sounds. Strings can have an incredibly emotive sound that swells and flows. I began to draw a link between this and the real life spectacle of the northern lights. I imagined the strings swell and move in time to the aurora, this idea is what I have endeavoured to represent with the interface!

The samples are wide and lush stereo recordings from a medium sized string ensemble in a church. This library excels at strings for ambience and atmosphere. It it not a deep sampled and technical concert hall type library.

Page 2 of Arctic Strings is the FrozenPlain Effects engine v2.0. For more information and to download the PDF, have a look at the Effects Engine page



Dynamics and Volume

Control the dynamics and volume with the dynamics slider. Perfect for creating swells and movement. The intensity of the volume can be controlled within the mod matrix.


Automatic Harmony

By simply selecting an interval or chord you can create rich string harmonies. The harmony can be constrained to a key and scale to fit your music.


Scripted Legato and Portamento

The legato and portamento is completely customisable. The length of the transition is controlled by 2 sliders, one for legato and one for portamento. Long glissando slides can be created or short slurs. Using the mod matrix it’s easy to set up these controls to dynamically change to your playing. The script will detect your playing speed, velocity and interval and can change the legato controls on the fly.


Customise with the Mod Matrix

The mod matrix is an incredibly powerful system that allows you to set up the instrument to play how you like. Arctic Strings will sound great out of the box and there are plenty of presets to choose from. However, if you are someone who likes to tweak then the mod matrix is easy and powerful to use. This is the place to set up keyswitches and CCs. It can also be used to dynamically change the legato to your playing. For example, set the legato transition to be faster when you play notes quickly.


13 Effects – Filters, Seqencer, Reverb, Echo

Arctic Strings comes with the powerful FrozenPlain Effects Engine. It features 13 effects built into an easy to use interface. These have the power to drastically change the sound and are a useful for sound design. Each effect has 5 presets and a selection of controls. In total there are: LP & HP filters, 2 band EQ, Atomise, Strums, Scatter, Sequencer/LFO, Arpeggiator, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Rotator, Tempo Synced Delay, Reverb.

Technical Details
  • This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5 to work. It will only work in demo mode if you have the free Kontakt Player.
  • Arctic Strings requires the full version of Kontakt 5.1.
  • Because this product is not for Kontakt Player, it cannot be added with the ‘add library’ function, you must instead load the .nki files through the file browser, or by dragging and dropping.
  • 136 ncw samples.
  • 390 MB installed
  • 366 MB download