Installs Mirage and all Mirage libraries that you own

Looking for the freebies?
Download the installer, then enter one of the download tickets found at the bottom of this page. No account required - just paste and install.


Exe installer | Windows 7+ 64-bit


App installer | macOS 10.12+

A simple downloader & installer

This installer is designed to do one thing: get Mirage products ready for use on your computer.

  • It downloads all of the files you need
  • Installs them to appropriate locations (or locations of your choosing)
  • There’s no painful licence management process
  • You can delete the installer when you’re done
  • If you’ve bought multiple Mirage libraries you can install them all at once

The installer needs to know what files you need. To do this, it will prompt you to fill out one of two options: (1) your account email and password, or (2) a download ticket.

Visit the knowledge base page for related support information.

Download ticket

A download ticket is like a password that grants you access to specific products to install. Third-party stores will give these out.

If you are customer, your main tool for installing products will be entering your email and password into the installer instead of using download tickets.

Below are some freely available download tickets that you can paste into the installer. Eventually, the plan is to integrate these into the installer so that there is no need for any copy-and-paste.

Free Download TicketDescription
mirageThe Mirage plugin files. Use this to update your existing Mirage installation.
mirage-betaThe Mirage Beta plugin files. Use this to install or update your Mirage Beta installation.
wraith-demoThe demo for Wraith.
music-box-suite-freeMusic Box Suite Free