Creative and unusual impulse responses


Frostpoint is an impulse response pack. It contains 113 wav files designed to be used in your convolution reverb plugins. Every handmade sample is different, they’re not typical halls and rooms, but rather crazy and unusual effects. The IRs are perfect for sound design or for creating atmosphere. It is organised into 5 categories: Crazy, Formant, Natural, Synthetic and White Noise. Each sample is also arranged by the length of the sound. This gives you a good idea of what a particular sample could be used for.

Key Features
  • 113 .wav impulse responses.
  • Creative and unusual effects.
  • 17 formant IRs that can give any sound a vocal quality.
  • All files organised for easy access.
  • Great tool for making pads.
  • Frostpoint is just .wav files, you will need a convolution reverb plugin to import them too.

If you’re interested in how Frostpoint was made and how you can do similar, have a look at this article that I wrote for Subaqueous Music.

Product Details

I feel that the world of unusual impulse responses is largely unexplored. Frostpoint is a pack of IRs that venture into this area. The sounds are quite unlike any other reverb.

A good way of thinking of how convolution reverbs work is that it multiplies the input audio by the IR. IRs that have a pitch can cause horrible resonances when the harmonics of the input audio match the harmonics of the IR. For example if you have an impulse response that is a piano note C, if your input audio is also a C, the harmonics will multiply up to create loud unpleasant resonances.

That being said, pitched IRs can sometimes still be useful. Frostpoint contains mostly noise samples. Generally, these are much more manageable.

The first category is called ‘crazy’, these sounds are from synths and some have a slightly pitched element. These are perfect for your more mad sound design.

There are 14 regular formant samples that are made from filtering and EQing white noise to give various vowel sounds. Also, there are 3 ‘real’ formant IRs which are made from real recordings of vowel sounds (minus the pitch).

The Natural samples are made from real recordings; the names of them mostly describe that sound of the IR. These samples are most useful for giving a sound an organic quality.

Synthetic is the next category, these are also from synths and sample manipulations.

The final category is white noise, the starting points for all of these sounds is white noise, but they have been heavily edited to make new sounds; this is perfect for a more smooth reverb.

Technical Details
  • If you want to use these samples as reverbs, then you need a convolution reverb plugin. You can find free VSTs through a quick google search.
  • 52MB download
  • 82MB extracted
  • 113 wav files in 5 folders
  • 44.1kHz 16bit stereo files.