Squeaky Gate – New sound design instrument

I’ll admit, a squeaky gate sound wouldn’t be most people’s first choice for something they’d want to use in their music. However, I hope this product delivers something that is actually useful for you to use in your productions. Sometimes a single, constrained idea can be very inspiring.

Even though ‘squeak’ sounds were the initial sound-source, you’ll find a whole array of different sounds in this product, such as basses, synth plucks, pads, ‘realistic’ strings and distorted lead instruments. This was achieved by utilising all of Mirage‘s features, such as the volume envelopes, looping controls, and the effects rack.

I made Squeaky Gate at various points over the last couple of weeks. It has a smaller scope than other products on this site, but care was taken to match the same high quality. And it’s also available for just $10. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Let me know if you have ideas of other sound design experiments that could be done in this vein!

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