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Obelisk is a MIDI plugin instrument that harmonises input MIDI and outputs it to your synths. It is designed to be a flexible way of experimenting with chords and harmonies. Obelisk’s chord picker allows you to pick what harmonies should be applied to each note. As well as this, Obelisk features an optional constraining algorithm that will ensure the harmonies fit your chosen key and scale.

Free demo version (10 minute limited)

Obelisk is a VST/AU plugin. Please read the technical details section for requirement details.



Wraith is a sample library that covers a wide range of synthetic textural and atmospheric sounds for the production of cinematic dark ambiances and backgrounds. The core content of this library is made of two large complementary categories of sounds: Drones and Tonal, plus an extra collection of Textures that fits really well with the other two. In total there are 230 sounds in this library, each a playable sample, and over 70 presets. Both presets and instruments can be tested easily with the randomise features. Wraith is easy to play instantly, but if more control is desired, the functionality is there. This sample library is powered by Mirage – FrozenPlain’s sample engine – it is included as part of the no-hassle installer, there are no extra costs or requirements. It features a 3 layer architecture and an effects rack.

Free demo version (Only 5 Instruments and Presets)

Wraith is currently Windows VST only