We’ve grouped complementary Mirage libraries into bundles for your convenience. Massively expand your sonic palette in a few clicks. Mirage is our free VST/AU sample-based-synth engine. It offers easy features for customising the sounds and managing presets. These bundles do not offer a discount over buying the products individually. For each product, we try to price them as affordably as we can.

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Get Mirage, our VST/AU sample-based-synth engine, full equipped with every library we've made. Interesting sampled instruments, atmosphere design, ambience and more. If you want uncompromised access to a unique set of sounds, this bundle is perfect for you. Mirage offers excellent features for quickly loading the 600+ categorised presets from any of the libraries. Mirage presets are just simple files that can be renamed and rearranged in any way you like - allowing you to customise a portable ready-to-go writing environment. This bundle is perfect for media composers and professional studios - we also can offer this product as a per-seat licence (please get in touch for pricing). We aim to make each individual product as affordable as we can; there is no bundle discount for this.