We’ve grouped complementary Mirage libraries into bundles for your convenience. Massively expand your sonic palette in a few clicks. Mirage is our free VST/AU sample-based-synth engine. It offers easy features for customising the sounds and managing presets. These bundles do not offer a discount over buying the products individually. For each product, we try to price them as affordably as we can.

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Intriguing Instruments – Mirage Library Bundle


Unique sampled-instruments bundle for Mirage

Expand your sonic palette with this collection of creative instruments. Featuring unique multi-sampled instruments and sound design, this collection of products will allow you to set yourself apart from the cliches. All of these products work inside our sample-based-synth Mirage, which is a VST/AU plugin that is included for free. This single control-hub is used to load any of the libraries. It has a 3-layer structure to allow for easy sound-blending, as well as all of the features you'd expect from a modern synth: envelopes, filters, loop settings, EQ and a rack of effects. Each product in this bundle also comes with a set of production-ready presets. Mirage has a unified browser that allows for easy loading of any preset from any Mirage library, as well as inspiring randomisation options. We've selected this set of products for their complementary nature and put them into a bundle for your convenience. There is no bundle discount. Alternatively, you can add any products that you like to your cart individually.