Mirage v2 is out now

It’s been a lot of work, but it’s finally done. I’m very excited to release version 2 of Mirage to everyone. The key goals of this update were to improve the UI, give each library its own visual style and improve the effects. And I feel happy that this has been achieved.

It’s completely free; you can get the download links on this page.

This update affects every product that uses Mirage. Each library now feels like it can reach its true potential. The UI is more inviting for using it to make new sounds. And on that theme, I’ve spent a bit more time this time creating videos that demonstrate Mirage’s features and show sound design in action.

Let me know how you get on with Mirage v2! The next update may be focused on improving workflow – better CC mapping and maybe some ‘macro’ knobs, so feedback in that vein is particularly welcome. But in the meantime, the shift for me will now be to work on amazing new sounds again.

Thanks for reading! Sam.

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