Preset Files

Mirage uses the same preset format regardless of what library is loaded. However, the preset file name will end differently depending on what library the preset refers to. For example, a Mirage preset which uses Wraith might be called preset.mirage-wraith. Mirage can load any preset file that ends with .mirage-something.

The Preset Folder

Mirage keeps track of a single dedicated presets folder. Mirage scans this folder (and its subfolders) for .mirage-something files. These are then displayed in the preset browser GUI, and can be conveniently loaded in various ways.

Your Preset Folder is most likely C:/Users/name/FrozenPlain/Mirage/Presets on Windows or /Library/Application Support/FrozenPlain/Mirage Presets on Mac.

You can manually organise this folder in any way you like. By default, presets are grouped into which library they are from and whether they are factory or user presets.

You can select an alternate folder by clicking on the preset text at the top of the GUI and then clicking on the folder that is shown at the top of the shown window. On Mac, it is recommended to not change your preset folder. DAWs such as GarageBand are strict regarding which folders a plugin is allowed to access.

Preset Browser

Mirage features a browser for conveniently navigating and loading presets from your Preset Folder. This browser has two panels. The panel on the left is used to select the folder to browse. The panel on the right is used to load presets from within the selected folder and its subfolders. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move to different presets on the right panel.

You can also search for folders or files by typing into the search bar on this panel. Your search term is compared against each filepath of every preset in the currently shown folder.

Randomising Presets

Mirage has a multi-mode ‘randomise preset’ button. This button can be found in the top panel of Mirage’s GUI. To the left of this button is a downwards arrow icon. By clicking on this arrow you can select the mode of the randomise button. These are the options:

  • Randomise Any: Loads any Mirage preset in the presets folder (included any presets in subfolders). The preset could be for any library.
  • Randomise Library: Loads any Mirage preset that is for the same library that is currently loaded. For example, if you have the Wraith library loaded, this button will load another Wraith preset.
  • Randomise Folder: Loads any Mirage preset that is in the same folder as the current one. For example, if your current loaded preset is in a folder called ‘Pads’, another preset from ‘Pads’ will be loaded.
  • Randomise based on filter text: Loads a folder that matches the filtered folders and search text that you have typed into the preset browser. This button works the same as the randomise button that is adjacent to the search bar on the preset browser panel.

Installing New Presets

When you install a new library, its presets will be placed into your Preset Folder. This will most likely be C:/Users/name/FrozenPlain/Mirage/Presets on Windows, and /Library/Application Support/FrozenPlain/Mirage Presets on Mac.

If you have manually set an alternate Preset Folder (using the Set Presets Folder button on Mirage), it will be that location instead.

You can manually add new presets to your Preset Folder or rearrange the directories. Mirage will update to reflect any change you make.

Presets can also exist elsewhere on your computer. However, these will not automatically appear in the preset browser menus. These must be loaded by clicking on the file icon on the presets browser panel and then navigating to the individual file.

Making Your Own Preset Packs

You can save presets by clicking on the floppy disk icon at the top of Mirage’s GUI. To make these into a pack for distribution online, bundle the presets files together (the ZIP format is common for this), and point whoever is installing them to this manual. You are allowed to share or sell Mirage presets, but you may not share or sell any other type of Mirage file.