Mirage Glossary

  • Layer: One of the three sound-generating parts that can be controlled and modulated. The effects rack is applied to the mix of these three layers.
  • Library: A collection of sampled instruments that are bundled together into a pack. Libraries can only be created by FrozenPlain – there currently are no capabilities for users to make libraries. Wraith is an example of a library.
  • Instrument: A sample-based playable instrument – meaning the sound is generated from audio files rather than algorithms or wavetables. An instrument can be selected for each layer. Instruments are either multi-sampled or just a single sample.
  • Preset: A saved Mirage configuration. Mirage can load any .mirage-something preset. The filename ending will be different depending on what library the preset uses.
  • Preset Folder: This is the folder that Mirage keeps track of. Preset files within this folder (and its subfolders) can be browsed via Mirage’s preset browser.
  • Settings Menu: The popup menu found by clicking on the three-dots icon at the top of the Mirage GUI.
  • MDATA: The proprietary file format that Mirage libraries are stored in. An MDATA file contains all of the audio files that make up the sample library, as well as various other pieces of configuration data. These files can be over a GB in size.