Version 2.0.3

  1. Perfect seamless switching of presets. No more pops or intermediate sounds. If for example, you hold down some keys, and cycle through presets, you will find it to be a greatly improved experience.
  2. New animations to show each voice’s ADSR position and volume.
  3. Added the ability to add crossfade to ping-pong loops.
  4. New setting for high-contrast GUI mode. This removes the background images for improved readability.
  5. Lots of fixes and groundwork for big future updates.
New features
  • Added markers to the ADSR envelopes to show the state of each voice.
  • Added the ability to add a crossfade to ping-pong loops.
  • Added a high-contrast option to the Appearance menu which makes the GUI always have a dark, flat background.
Visual improvements
  • Made the blurred background images darker an more opaque so that control are more visible.
  • Made the voice markers fade in and out to match the volume of the voice.
  • Made all of the animations on the GUI smoother.
Fixes and improvements
  • Improved the speed of loading a library.
  • Improved the experience of changing presets in the following ways:
    • Show a ‘loading’ box when the preset is taking a while to load.
    • Change all of the parameters at exactly the same time; therefore eliminating intermediate pops and noises.
  • While waiting for a new instrument to load, show ‘loading’ instead of the old waveform image.
  • Provide more useful error messages when something goes wrong.
  • Reduce pops and clicks when changing the loop points of a sound that is playing.
  • Fixed potential glitches caused when clicking the GUI keyboard or changing parameters at the same time as playing audio.
  • Fixed letters from being cut off when pasting text into a text input.
  • Fixed the value from jumping after releasing the shift key when doing find adjustments with a parameter.
  • Made the default location for libraries, presets, and settings files to be in an ‘all-users’ location, meaning that any user of the PC has the same configuration of Mirage. This only applies if you are doing a fresh install of Mirage. These are the specific changes:
    • Mac: the settings file is now saved in /Library/Application Support/FrozenPlain/Mirage/Settings
    • Windows: the settings file is now saved in C:/ProgramData/FrozenPlain/Mirage/Settings and the libraries and presets are now saved in C:/Users/Public/Documents/FrozenPlain.

Version 2.0.2

  • Fix crash when trying to load a preset when you have no preset folder set.
  • Fix being unable to set a preset folder if the path had non-latin characters in it.
  • Improve speed of waveform GUI loading and background image loading.
  • Fix crash when clicking randomise instrument when there is no library loaded.
  • Make purchasable libraries and news much more unobtrusive. It is now opt-in and much more out of your face.

Version 2.0.1

  • Speed up background image loading.
  • Fix potential crash when closing the GUI window on Mac.
  • Fix potential crash when moving a knob at the some time the DAW is automating it.
  • Windows installer: improvements to its reliability and display more information in the log and on the completion screen.

Version 2.0.0

  • Brand new GUI – with improvements to both visuals and functionality.
    • Each library now has its own background image and icon.
    • ADSR envelopes now have a custom GUI instead of 4 sliders.
    • Looping and sample-start controls have been improved and combined into a custom GUI, instead of a set of sliders.
    • Libraries on the side panel are more compactly organised and feature icons and backgrounds, making it easier to find a library at a glance.
    • Mirage news messages are shown at the bottom the side panel rather than covering the main area, and can be more intuitively hidden or dismissed.
    • The GUI keyboard can be hidden.
    • The preset browser has an improved look, a ‘search’ feature and a corresponding randomise button.
    • Change the mouse cursor when hovering over controls.
    • Numerous minor UX and UI improvements throughout.
  • New and improved effects.
    • Brand new high-quality reverb and delay algorithms. These are much better than the old versions. However, for backwards compatibility, a ‘legacy mode’ button is available.
    • Added a Phaser effect.
    • Added the ability to reorder the FX.
  • New ADSR envelope for each layer’s filter.
  • Added a button to randomise the whole FX rack.
  • Improved speed for loading instruments.
  • Increased the precision of note’s start times based on the given MIDI.
  • Windows installer: improved the default suggestion for where to install VSTs.
  • Windows installer: improved some crash handling.
  • Windows installer: added an easy-install mode.

Version 1.2.2

  • Added a set of features for hiding news, updates and available-to-buy libraries for a more distraction-free workflow. Specifically, these are: (1) there are now 2 options in the settings menu for permanently hiding news or updates. (2) When you first install Mirage, it will no longer show a whole list of old news. (3) When the first news item appears, another box will appear alongside it, allowing you to select ‘never show me these’ (which can be later changed in the settings menu). (4) Next, the ‘available-to-buy’ section of the library picker can be toggled open or closed; your preference will be saved for the next time Mirage is loaded up. (5) Finally, if you own all the libraries of Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit, it will not show in the available-to-buy, the same goes for Music Box Suite and Music Box Suite Free.
  • Fix a bug when the DAW was automating parameters that the parameters would not move the GUI until you hovered over them.
  • Fix a bug where turning the convolution effect would continue playing the tail of the sound from when it was previously turned on.
  • Added an ‘info’ button on each layer that appears when an instrument is loaded. Clicking it reveals some stats about the instrument.
  • Added 2 new cathedral-style convolution reverb impulses.
  • Make the panic button silence all of the effects as well as the voices.
  • Fix bug where the preset name would not change after saving it to a file until you manually triggered the GUI to update (such as moving the mouse).
  • Allow the Wet knob of the Convolution effect to go up to 3dB.
  • Allow MIDI CC values to be more permanently assigned to parameters in Mirage. This is done by right-clicking a parameter, ‘MIDI learning’ it, and then right-clicking the parameter again and turning on ‘Always set MIDI CC’.
  • Popup text displaying the numerical value of a parameter now shows when it was moved by a MIDI controller as well as the mouse.

Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed a bug where there would be a peak of volume after changing the master volume when no voices are playing.
  • Mac: fixed a bug where changing the sample rate in Logic would cause sync issues.
  • Mac: add native support for running on M1 Macs as well as Intel.
  • Mac installer: the default for presets is now /Library/Application Support/FrozenPlain due to it being more accessible to DAWs such as Garageband. If you already have a presets folder, new presets are installed to that location.
  • Internal: add support for smooth blending of velocity layers in an instrument such as Terracotta.

Version 1.2.0

  • Added a button to the settings menu to randomise all of the parameters of Mirage at once. It tries to be smart about the randomisation to produce usable results. Only works if a library is loaded.
  • Added a button to the MIDI tab of each layer for setting whether notes should retrigger while the sustain pedal is held. The default of this control is to be turned on. However, the old behaviour (turned off) is maintained when loading presets or old DAW projects.
  • Fixed a bug where the pitch and detune of a layer with ‘keytrack’ turned on would do nothing. Loading old presets and DAW projects will set the pitch to 0 for non-keytrack layers (which recreates the old behaviour).
  • Fixed a bug where a layer would be silent if the sample offset was way beyond the end position of a ping-pong loop. The old silent behaviour is recreated when loading old presets or DAW projects that inadvertently had this bug so as not to introduce unexpected results.

Version 1.1.7

  • Fixed a very rare bug where loading an instrument would cause a crash.

Version 1.1.6

  • Windows: fixed a bug where the installer would sometimes not open.
  • Windows: fixed a bug where preset folder paths using non-latin characters were not handled correctly.

Version 1.1.5

  • Fixed a bug where parameter names would just show as {}.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause the plugin to stall at startup.

Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to be blacklisted in Cubase.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to stop some keyboard shortcuts from reaching the DAW.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the GUI window to flicker when trying to click back on the DAW window.

Version 1.1.3

  • New feature: add even slower times to the LFO, both synced and unsycned.
  • Fixed a click that sometimes occurred when looping a sound without any crossfade.
  • Fixed a bug where the delay effect would switch off even when it still had audio to play.

Version 1.1.2

  • AU: Fixed issue that sometimes caused the plugin to not be found on OSX 10.10.

Version 1.1.1

  • AU: Fixed bug that caused Mirage to not sync the rate of the LFO and Echo to the host’s tempo.

Version 1.1.0

  • New feature: Added a new simple-but-effective preset browser. It is opened by clicking a new button at the top of the GUI. Preset subfolders are selected on the left panel of this browser, and preset files are shown on the right panel. You can navigate presets using keyboard arrow keys. New features will be added to this browser in future updates.
  • New feature: Added notification popups to display new versions of Mirage, and other related news. These appear to the right of the side panel when it is open. These notifications do not interrupt any functionality and each one can be permanently dismissed.
  • Greatly improved CPU performance.
  • Debugging: Improved performance of logging.
  • Fix plugin from stealing keyboard messages away from DAW.
  • Mac: Fix bug with plugin becoming silent after a little while.

Version 1.0.14

  • Fixed potential crash with the startup of the plugin.
  • Debugging: Enable a better subset of log messages.

Version 1.0.13

  • Debugging: Only log warning or error messages.

Version 1.0.12

  • Fix potential crash when first starting up the GUI.
  • Windows installer: Fix potential crash when trying to write large MDATA file.

Version 1.0.11

  • Fixed hang that sometimes occurred during startup.
  • Fixed potential crash with loading an instrument.
  • Internal: Improved debug logging system.
  • Mac: Improved consistency of open/save file dialogue windows.

Version 1.0.10

  • Mac: Improved handling of new config path in library/presets installer.

Version 1.0.9

  • Fixed bug where setting the loop end to 100% would stop the layer from making any sound.
  • Improved the popup menu behaviour.

Version 1.0.8

  • Mac: disallow mono instances of the AudioUnit plugin. Mirage only functions stereo.
  • Improvements to the PDF manual.

Version 1.0.7

  • Mac: Added deep codesigning to VST and AU bundles.

Version 1.0.6

  • Improved plugin stability.
  • Windows: Fixed bug where the whole DAW was being shutdown when closing the GUI window. (PostQuitMessage() was being called when the GUI window was closed).
  • Fixed bug with popup submenus flickering on some computers.
  • Fixed crash caused by multithreading issue that happened in DAWs such as Cubase.
  • Multithreaded voices are now off by default and can be turned on in the settings menu.
  • Mac: Fixed error where preset folders could not be written to when trying to save a preset file (the installer now writes files and folders with less strict permissions).
  • Mac: Fixed missing / at the start of the folder names for the postinstall script.
  • Mac: Moved config file save location to be user Music directory instead of Application Support.
  • Debugging: Log files write separate log files for each format – AU/VST/Installer etc.
  • Debugging: OSX installer logs are written to separate files in /tmp.

Version 1.0.5

  • Fixed potential crash caused by fetching available library list from online.

Version 1.0.4

  • Windows: Fixed issue with installer where file paths with non-English characters would fail to write.
  • Fixed multi-threaded related crashes.
  • Reduced pops and clicks when turning on or off effects.

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed audio pops when starting an instrument with 0ms attack.
  • Fixed audio pops when using square or sawtooth LFOs.

Version 1.0.2

  • Added a check when loading a library for if the current Mirage version has the features required for the library.
  • Detune slider is now skewed to be more precise for adjustments close to 0.

Version 1.0.1

  • Mac version released.
  • Fixed a bug where saving the plugin state after it failed to load would forget about the failed plugin state.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to load a preset from a library that is not installed would cause a crash.
  • Made the column headings fit better in the Windows installer.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release.