Cutting back on the FP Credits system

Along with a refresh of the website’s visuals, I’ve had the opportunity to properly evaluate some of the website’s systems. One part in particular that I’ve given a lot of thought to is the FP Credits system.

The credits system worked as a simple loyalty program, where any purchase you made on the site would earn you 3% back as credits. You could then spend these to discount a future purchase.

I’ve decided to massively reduce the system. From now on, you will no longer earn credits for buying products. However, your existing credits will not be removed – you can still use up your remaining ones as you did before. And for the time being, you can still earn credits for leaving product reviews.

Firstly, I think a more straightforward system is a better one for everyone. Straightforwardness and transparency are some of FrozenPlain’s core goals, after all.

And secondly, for the FP Credits system’s value to outweigh the loss of (essentially) offering everything for a discount, a considerable amount of time my time would need to be spent on ensuring that customers keep returning. Instead of pushing that marketing line, I’d rather spend that energy on making new tools and updates.

I want quality products and brilliant service to be the incentive to return, not a marketing lure. I believe that this is ultimately the best thing that FrozenPlain can do to help you make great music.

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