20.07.2017 – Obelisk released.
29.08.2016 – Slow released.
09.12.2015 – Colourform version 2 released.
09.11.2015 – Phoenix version 2 released.
03.11.2015 – Effects engine v2.0 comes to Arctic Strings and Terracotta.
22.10.2015 – The Chordophones, a new product that combines the sound of ancient and hammered chordophones.
22.10.2015 – Ancient and Hammered Chordophone libraries are retired.
27.08.2015 – Terracotta v2.0, big update to Terracotta library.
07.08.2015 – Arctic Strings, real strings inspired by the northern lights.
18.11.2014 – Colourform, atmospheric, colour-based library.
28.09.2014 – Hammered Chordophone, strings played with pencils.
21.06.2014 – Dual Music Box, sampled music boxes.
27.05.2014 – Frostpoint, impulse response pack.
21.03.2014 – Ancient Chordophone, plucked strings library.
06.02.2014 – Phoenix, strings and choir sample library.
17.12.2013 – Victorian Music Box, Free Kontakt library.
03.12.2013 – MoarEffects for Kontakt released.
30.11.2013 – Terracotta, an earthy sound library released.



FrozenPlain is a one-person company by Sam Windell, a programmer, sound designer and composer. The products on this site are creative tools for composers and producers to use to make music. FrozenPlain’s software instruments often originate from abstract sound sources, but are designed from the beginning to be still be compelling and practical. Sam believes that inspiration is more likely to strike when the means of interacting with the tool is smooth and simple, and has an engaging GUI. And therefore you will find the products have custom graphics designed to match the atmosphere of the sounds that you play.

To listen to Sam’s archive of music visit his soundcloud page.


Using FrozenPlain products

FrozenPlain libraries are designed to be used in your music, you are free to use the products for film, records, TV, games, advertising, sound effects and any other commercial or non commercial production that you like. You do not require permission from FrozenPlain to do this. You may install FrozenPlain products on multiple personal computers that you own.

FrozenPlain reserves all copyright rights for it’s products. You may not copy, reupload or redistribute any product. All audio files of the products also fall into this category.